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Evangelos Toulis
Medical Specialist Pathologist - Thessaloniki

Mr Evangelos Toulis is a Specialist Pathologist who stands out for his experience, his dedication to science and his humanitarian approach to the practice of medicine. Based in Thessaloniki, Mr Toulis has established himself as a reliable and respected professional in the field of Pathology. His years of practical experience have equipped him with the knowledge and experience needed to successfully treat a wide range of medical conditions and ailments.

Mr Toulis undertakes the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, infections, arterial hypertension, autoimmune diseases, anemias, and many others. With a specialized approach, he undertakes provision of medical care that is adapted to the needs and individual situations of each patient. His dedication to continuing education and advanced medical research always keeps him abreast of the latest developments in the field of Pathology. In addition, his sensitivity to the needs of his patients makes him a physician who truly cares about their health and well-being.

Mr Evangelos Toulis is a true role model in the field of Medicine in Thessaloniki and continues to offer high level medical care to the local community. The trust shown to him by his patients is rewarding and reflects the insurmountable sense of responsibility and love that distinguishes his professional activity.




Specialist Pathologist Evangelos Toulis offers a wide range of services in the field of medicine, aiming at the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various diseases.