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Evangelos Toulis
Medical Specialist Pathologist - Thessaloniki


Evangelos Toulis, a physician who dedicated his life to medical science and specialization in Pathology, was born in beautiful Katerini, Pieria, on April 6, 1962. Since then, his path in the field of medicine has been exciting and successful.

His studies began in 1979, when he graduated from the Second Lyceum for Boys of Katerinis, Pieria, earning his high school diploma. In 1980, he continued his studies at the preparatory college of the University of Saarbruecken in Germany.

From 1981 to 1988, he studied at the Medical School of the University of Saarbruecken in Homburg/Saar, where he graduated with highest honors.

He then devoted a few years of his life to the Greek Army, serving from September 1988 to May 1990.

From December 1989 to December 1990, he worked at the Rural Clinic of Rodia in the Prefecture of Grevena, offering his medical services to the local community.

In 1991, he started the specialty of Pathology at the Katerini Hospital, continuing immediately after May 1994 at the First Pre-Educational Pathology Clinic of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki at the "ACHEPA" Hospital, where he obtained the title of the Specialty of Pathology in September 1997.

From 1997 to 2000, he remained as a scientific associate of the School of Medicine at the same clinic. Since November 1997, he maintains his private practice on Ag. Sofias 28, providing specialized medical care to the local community.

In November 2009, he assumed the duties of the managing Pathologist at the 'EUROMEDICA CENTRAL CLINIC' of Thessaloniki, where he continued to offer his experience and scientific knowledge to the medical community.


In 2013, he assumed the position of the director of the 2nd Pathology Clinic at the 'EUROMEDICA GENERAL CLINIC' with specialized Rheumatology clinics and the Department of Infusions of biological agents, the Center for Metabolism and Diabetes as well as Endocrinological Diseases, collaborating among others with a nephrologist partner. In addition, he had the intention to create other specialized clinics in the near future.

In the context of his continuous education and training, Dr. Evangelos Toulis actively participates in important global and pan-European conferences and specialized seminars, covering the entire spectrum of Internal Pathology. In addition, he has contributed several publications to Greek and foreign medical journals, and is a proud member of the Hellenic Hypertension Society and the Hellenic Diabetes Society. He has also been a member of the German Society of Internal Pathology for several years.

Evangelos Toulis is an example of dedication to medicine and continuous training, offering specialized medical care and contributing to the advancement of medical science in Greece. His experience and love of science are a source of inspiration for the medical world and his patients.